Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to Root Any Android Device Using Unlock Root without any risk.

How to Root Any Android
Device Using Unlock Root without any risk.

Requirements and

*Unlock Root works only on
Windows computers. You will
need a computer running
Windows 7/Vista/XP.

*Install the USB drivers for
your device before you use
Unlock Root. You can usually
download the drivers from
your device manufacturer’s
website. Or, if you received a
driver CD together with your
device, install the drivers
using the installer on the CD.


1. Download the Unlock Root
software. Get it straight from
the developer’s website(

2. Enable USB Debugging mode
on your device. You can do
this by going to Settings >
Applications > Development
on your device.

3. Connect your device to your
PC using a USB cable.

4. Run “UnlockRoot.exe”. Wait
for your handset to be
automatically detected.

5. Choose your device from the
list of autodetected devices.

6. Click the Root button to start
the rooting process.

7. Wait for it to complete the
installation, after which you’ll
be greeted with a message
saying your device has been
successfully rooted.

8. After the rooting process,
simply reboot your device for
the changes to take effect.

Congratulations! You have
successfully rooted your device. You
can check whether or not you have
root access by locating the Superuser
app on your device or installing an
app that requires root access.

Tutorial made by Eranga Supun (admin DroidBlaster)